10. November 2023

Naviswiss Knee launched in the U.S. and in India

Naviswiss Knee Debuts in the US at AAHKS 2023 and Commencing the Use in Clinical Applications in India.

Brugg, Switzerland; November 10th 2023. After a successful limited release to selected orthopedic care centers in the U.S., Naviswiss’ Knee Solutions is now fully launched in the United States at the annual AAHKS conference in Dallas. At the same time, the clinical use of Naviswiss Knee in India commenced with installments in multiple metropolitan areas across the subcontinent.

Naviswiss Knee revolutionizes knee replacement with landmark-based navigation, offering surgeons a choice between Express and Advanced Workflows. Achieve optimal implant alignment through navigated Flexion/Extension, Varus/Valgus, Medial/Lateral adjustments, and comprehensive Range of Motion control.

Eric Slotkin, DO at Surgical Institute of Reading, PA, comments: “With Naviswiss Knee, I execute my preferred alignment philosophy and patient-specific delivery. This was a wise investment for our ASC, where multiple surgeons use Naviswiss with their individual choice of total knee replacement systems.”