The Naviswiss system provides innovative orthopedic surgeons with decisive advantages for patients and their own work in the operating theatre.
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Workflow and benefits of the CT-based workflow with Naviplan planning software and intra-operative execution with the Naviswiss system.


No line of sight issues

The flexible hand-held device is draped sterile on the table and is only used briefly for the accuracy relevant steps. Surgical navigation becomes as easy to use as a surgical instrument: without line of sight issues and with equally immediate results. The highly accurate NAVItag trackers are insensitive to fluids.


Minimally invasive surgical technique

Miniaturized mounts together with the ultra-lightweight NAVItag trackers optimally support minimally invasive or conventional approaches. Few additional instruments supplement the standard instrument set and enable a digital surgical technique.


Improved and documented outcome

The Naviswiss system offers the choice of image-free or image-based techniques and allows the surgeon to implement preoperative planning with optimal accuracy. This can help to reduce the risk of complications. The surgery is documented in detail and ensures objective traceability.
I find the acetabular positioning to be more consistent with the use of navigation.
Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MD