As the world's most innovative surgical navigation system, Naviswiss is the ideal complement for manufacturers and distributors of implants.


Scalable, modular and open platform

Naviswiss offers a scalable, modular and open navigation system that is protected by international patents. The comprehensive know-how opens up a wide range of possibilities for new surgical techniques and areas of application.


Streamlined logistics and simple deployment

The compact navigation equipment greatly streamlines logistics. A small instrument set and sterile components for single use further simplify operation. No technical knowledge is required for commissioning and operation, making the solution easy to introduce to new customers.


Innovative technology as door opener for new customers

The Naviswiss system, developed with experienced professionals with many years of experience in orthopedics, is both state-of-the-art and affordable. This makes it a valuable addition to an implant system and a door opener for new customers.
We see Naviswiss as an advancement on technologies currently available in the Australian market whilst being the simplest to use, with the company being a forward thinking and adaptive partner.
Francois Pienaar, Active Surgical (Australia)